Custom website

Graphic design and technical design of websites that meet
the specific needs of professionals.

Use the services of a web agency


The creation of all types of websites: from showcase sites to e-commerce sites, including merchant sites and e-shops.. It is trendy nowadays.


Our experts thought of a webdesign of the website so that the graphic elements convey a relevant message.


Use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools to improve the visibility of a website in search engines and to get it to the top of the search results.


Boost the visibility of a website while using the latest visual communication technologies available on the web.

Digital strategy

Notoriety, visibility, acquisition and customer loyalty.

create all types of websites

To create all types of websites!

According to your needs, we create personalized, design and responsive websites. Do not hesitate to take a look at Formation Informatique. You need to think about creating a website of a specific type. A showcase website has the primary objective of presenting your company’s activity and services. It also serves to increase the demand for contact from the company’s prospects. If you want to sell online, you can turn to a merchant website. An e-commerce website presents a catalogue of products to buy online. It must have secure online payment methods and be well referenced. There are also institutional websites that do not have a commercial objective.

Web design & graphic design for companies.

The web design and graphic creation of our websites such as were important steps for our team because visual rendering is our goal. We create professional websites that respect your brand image and convey your values. Graphic design is an entire branch that is interested in the creation of a company’s visual identity, among other things. The web design allows to highlight the global communication strategy of your company through the creation of logo, the elaboration of your graphic charter and many other tasks related to graphic design.

Web design is an art because the design of your site is ultimately your showcase. A good ergonomic design shows your dynamism and allows you to make a place for yourself with customers. Create a pleasant, attractive and ergonomic graphic universe.

Mobile applications

Mobile development for greater visibility.

Web content design and writing

The content of your website is important for your customers but also for your search engines. They analyse your content and, based on this analysis, rank your site in their results. Hence the importance of writing SEO-friendly content.

Natural SEO


Content Optimization

Optimizing web content means improving it to generate more qualified traffic and boost your visibility on search engine results. The content must be readable by presenting texts that respect your theme but also visible to Internet users.


Coding optimization

Optimizing the source code of your web pages is good for the SEO of your site. It is reserved for developers and it consists in the good use of tags, meta-descriptions… It is also necessary to think about setting up a structured page architecture.

analysis of links

Optimization of incoming links

The analysis of links by search engines is very important because a drop in the rate of links can therefore lead to the page becoming obsolete or no longer updated. You must know how to use internal links but also external links.