A Minimalist iOS7 Redesign

Russian web designer Alexey Masalov has produced his own redesign of the upcoming iPhone software update, iOS 7. Taking Apple's famous minimalism to a whole new level, he has created a stunning but perhaps impractical showcase. Alexey redesigns 7 core elements of iOS, including the default icons which have been replaced by flat design inspired icons. A [...]

‘iPhone 5S’ and iPhone ’5C’ mockups revealed

Vietnamese accessory supplier PhukienGiare, who has in the past been accurate with Apple product leaks, has today revealed what they claim to be mockups of the next two iPhone models. Including an 'iPhone 5S' mockup that at first glance appears identical to the current iPhone 5, although looking closer you can see space for the predicted [...]
iPhone 5 X-Ray Wallpaper

X-Ray Your iPhone!

You can already peek inside your iPhone with our transparent iPhone back replacements but if you download these wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad you can get an accurate image of the internals behind your screen. iFixit.org has taken these high-res images of the components that power your device: To use these as your wallpaper: Click […]

iPhone 5S Screens Leak

We’ve just come across these images, supposedly showing a new iPhone 5S LCD screen. If so, then we can see the flex cables for attaching the digitizer and LCD to the logicboard have been changed somewhat suggesting a significant internal redesign similar to the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. Unfortunately we’re not in possession of the new screens at […]