10 Little Known iPhone Facts

The iPhone has been around for just under 6 years now and here are 10 little known facts about Apple’s iPhone:


  • New York’s Mayor Bloomberg requested the next iPhone come with a kill switch, as he cited the iPhone for New York’s rising crime rates, however Apple’s government liaison said this was impossible as the next two models were signed off by Steve Jobs before his death.

Mission iPossible


  • In 2004 Apple started to gather a team of 1000 employees to work on the highly confidential “Project Purple”. The team was formed to develop the first iPhone.


  • In the four years from 2007 to 2011 Apple spent $647 million advertising the iPhone just in the US.


  • While developing the prototype of the original iPhone Apple spent $150 million on research and development, but still manages to spend the lowest % of revenue on R&D in the industry!


How do they do it?

From: Gizmodo


  • iPhone users play gaming apps an average of 151.5 times per month, compared to 94.6 for Android users.


iPhone Gamer


  • 17% of iPhone users only download free applications. 70% of iPhone users have 10+ paid applications and 3.5% of iPhone users have more than 30 paid applications. Android users on the other hand…


Android Cheapskates


  • The iPhone keyboard has been designed to accommodate 21 Languages.


iPhone Language Settings


  • Since launching the first iPhone in 2007 Apple has sold more than 228.2 million iPhones, turned on their side that’s long enough to build a bridge from Rio de Janeiro to Shanghai.


Tim Cook Sailing in Money


  • The iPhone has over 200 patents protecting it its design interface.


iPhone Patents

  • Apple paid more than 1 million dollars for the iPhone.com domain name iphone.com


iPhone.com Sold