iPhone 4 Home Button Fix

Apple’s iPhone 4 was a huge step forward in terms of industrial design, performance & display quality but it wasn’t without it’s problems. Just days into the iPhone 4′s release there were widespread complaints of signal loss when holding the phone “incorrectly” which was soon dubbed antennaegate. Further into the life of an iPhone 4 a variety of other problems often develop, the most prominent of those is perhaps the sticky home button.

iPhone 4 Home Buttons

We only use genuine Apple home button replacements!

Over time you may find that the home button requires two or three clicks to properly register an input, stays or sticks down when pressed or just dosen’t work at all.   This is usually caused by a combination of issues such as dirt & grease compounding around the button, repeated use weakening the metal disc that provides the ‘click’ or electrical fault of the component.

iPhone 4 Home Button Dirt Fix

iPhone 4 home button dirt removed.

A problem partially rectified in the design of the 4S with a supporting rubber gasket, the iPhone 4 often develops this unresponsiveness around the 1 year mark (Read: After the warranty expires), fortunately this is a relatively simple and inexpensive fix we can provide. Click the button below to repair your iPhone 4 Home Button:


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