‘iPhone 5S’ and iPhone ’5C’ mockups revealed

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5
iPhone 5C and iPhone 5

Vietnamese accessory supplier PhukienGiare, who has in the past been accurate with Apple product leaks, has today revealed what they claim to be mockups of the next two iPhone models. Including an ‘iPhone 5S’ mockup that at first glance appears identical to the current iPhone 5, although looking closer you can see space for the predicted dual flash set up that will help improve low-light photography.

The ‘iPhone 5C’ mockup on the other hand is radically different with a white plastic clamshell-like housing and redesigned buttons. This is in consensus with other leaks that have emerged over the past few months and adds more weight to the argument we’ll see a low cost iPhone model on the market soon!

(The iPhone 5 is shown in the images for comparison and has a leather skin on)